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Glass Pipes Clearance Sale
Discounted Closeout Items!

Please Read Descriptions

J Hook Adapter

El-Badia Hookah Foil.
Pack of 50 pre-cut aluminium sheets specially conceived for the hookah, perfect thickness for a better use.

1 Available

hand chamber pipes

Small Chamber Pipe.
2.75" Metal Chamber Pot Pipe with metal bowl cap. Colored Piece is Plastic, Assorted Colors. 
Brass has Faded Color, 2 Available. 
J Hook Adapter J Hook Adapter.
14mm J Hook Adapter can be used with a waterpipe bowl, glass dome bowl, or concentrate adapter bowl. Bowl not included.

Jumbo Oil Burner Pipe

Large Jumbo Oil Burner.
7" Colored Pyrex Glass Jumbo Oil Burner. Large Size, Stem about 18mm Thick.
$4.95 each

Only 1 Available

Glass has imperfection in bubble. does not affect smoking..

waterpipe stem Glass Waterpipe Stems.
Size: 2.5" to 3" Inch Replacement Waterpipe Stem Slide Bowl. 9mm
$1 each

Slight Hairline Crack in Glass
on bowl or small chip, Multiple Available.
glass on glass downstem bowl

GonG Stem / Bowl 2in1
Glass water pipe stem & bowl, 2-in-1 design, about 5.5" long. Joint diameter of 14mm
$2.95 each

Slight Hairline Crack in Glass at bottom of stem, Only 1 Available.