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One Hitter Pipes & Dugout One Hitters

one hitter cigarette pipe

One Hitter Cigarette Pipe.
Large Stealth One Hitter Cigarette Pipe About 3 inches Long. Small cigarette one hitter pipe is about 2 inches.

glass one hitter pipes

Glass One Hitter Pipes.
3inch Clear Glass One Hitters to Fit Large Dugout Pipes or Use Glass One Hitter By Itself.

Out of Stock

glass one hitter pipe

OG Glass One Hitter Pipe.
4inch Clear Glass One Hitter Pipes, Heavy Duty and Excellent Quality, Made in USA.

  ceramic one hitters Ceramic Cigarette One Hitters.
Small 2" & Large 3" Sizes. High Quality Ceramic Cigarette One Hitters Provide a
Cleaner Smoking One Hitter Cigarette Pipe. Fits inside Dugout Pipes.
$6.95 each

digger one hitter bat

Metal One Hitter Pipe.
3" Anodized Aluminum One Hitter Pipe with Grinder Teeth

metal one hitter pipes

Metal One Hitter Pipes.
Multicolor Anodized Large or Small Metal One Hitter Bat Pipe.
$5 eac

one hitters with spring One Hitter Pipe with Spring.
Anodized Metal One Hitter Pipe with spring.
Use push button end to empty the ashes out. About 3.25inches. 
$7.50 each

One Hitter Pipes
One Hitter Pipes

Anodized Metal Pipe w/Spring.
4" Anodized Metal Pipe with spring feature to push ashes out. Can also be used in Waterpipe down slide as a bowl. Come in assorted colors.

One Hitter Pipes

Gold Fumed One Hitter.
Gold Fumed one Hitter / Chillum Pipe, Color-changing feature, Dia. about 13mm, Length about 3.5", Nicely made.
$10.95 each

small dugout pipe

Metal Dugout.
The All-In-1 Smoking System combines many features into a modern and attractive package. Compact and self contained, Includes:
1. All-In-1 Lids screw together to form grinder
2. 1 Poker stick
3. 1 Cigarette One Hitter
1.25″ Diameter 6 Ounces

$26.95 each

small dugout pipe Small Dugout Pipe.
Twist Top Small Wooden Dugout Pipe comes with a one hitter cigarette pipe. Dugout pipe is multi-colored wood and About 3 1/8inch x 1.75inch in size.
$13.99 each

large dugout pipes Large Dugout Pipe.
Twist Top Large Wooden Dugout Pipe comes with a one hitter cigarette pipe. Dugout pipe is about 4inch x 1.8inch in size.
$16.00 each