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Glass Pipe Screens & Pipe Parts

glass pipe screens

HoneyComb Glass Screens. 
7mm Glass Pipe Screens made of Borosilicate Glass with 7 Holes and a 2mm Thickness.

$1 each

glass pipe screens Glass Pipe Screens. 
Available in Jacks or Flowers, These glass pipe screens keep herbs from sucking through on Glass Pipes. You don't want to use metal pipe screens in glass pipes because they can heat up and crack your smoking pipe. Contains 3 glass pipe screens per pack.
per pack
pipe screens Pipe Screens.
1 Pack of Metal Pipe Screens
Contains Total of 6 pipe screens: 3 Large Metal Screens & 3 Small Metal Screens.
1.00 Per Pack
Hookah Pipe Screens

Hookah Pipe Screens. 
Screen for Hookah Bowl.
$2.95 each


smoking pipe caps Metal Pipe Cap.
Chrome Metal, Brass, or Anodized Pipe Caps. Available in flat or cone shape for metal hand pipes.
$1.75 each

hand pipe caps Replacement Pipe Bowls.
Chrome Metal, Brass, or Anodized Pipe
$1.75 each
hand pipe elbows Replacement Pipe Elbows:
Chrome Metal, Brass, or Anodized Pipe Elbows.
$1.75 each
metal pipe mouth pieces Metal Pipe Mouth Pieces:
Chrome Metal, Brass, or Anodized Pipe Mouth Pieces.
$1.75 each
chamber pipe center piece

Center Chamber Pieces:
Chrome Metal, Brass, or Anodized Pipe Chamber Pipe Pieces with 5/8 inch female threaded openings on each side.

$1.75 each

chamber pipe connector part

Center Chamber Connector
3/8 nipple connector that fits inside so you can extend your chamber pipe with a Center Piece above.

$1.50 each

chamber pipe center piece

Rubber O-Ring Seals:
1/4" ID, 3/8" OD, 1/16" Width is ideal for metal pipes and chamber pipe seals on elbows, bowls, or decoration.

$0.50 each

chamber pipe center piece

Rubber O-Ring Seals:
5/16" ID, 1/2" OD, 3/32" W ideal for waterpipe slide stems or can be used on metal pipes and or decoration.

$0.50 each

Wedge Elbow Piece

Wedge Elbow Connector
Thick Wedge Elbow Piece to make your pipe stand flat. Can connect either direction.

$2.00 each

acrylic waterpipe parts Acrylic Waterpipe Replacement Mouthpiece & Base Stand:
Rubber replacement Mouthpiece is 1.5 diameter. Fits our acrylic Waterpipes we sell. Base Stand is 3" wide and center diameter is 1.75".
$1.95 Each
pipe cleaning brushes

Pipe Brushes:
24 Rod Brushes per bundle. Use a Bendable Rods to clean your smoking pipe. Push Through to collect resin, and throw away dirty rod.
$2.95 per bundle

Pipe Reamer Pipe Reamer:
Pipe Pick, tamper, & scraper.
$6.95 Each

Wire Brush Metal Wire Brush:
5" Long Pipe Cleaning Brush, made of metal.
$1.99 Each