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Metal Hand Pipes & Sneak a Tokes Pipe

proto pipes

proto pipe

Original Proto Pipe.
The Original Proto Pipe is Compact in size and storage ability with a Built in cleaning pick which also acts as a poker for the bowl. The Proto Pipe design eliminates the need for messy gauzes, it has a solid brass gauze built in, with a removable Tar Trap bowl that collects the oils and tars. The Proto Pipe comes apart for easy cleaning. Has a Bowl Lid, Poker, Tar Trap, and Storage. These are Made in USA and are Limited Quantity.

$48.95 Each.

Out of Stock

zeppelin pipe Zeppelin Pipe.
3.7" Length Aluminum zeppelin pipe, Assorted Colors, Blue, Black, Green, Red.
sneak a toke Sneak-A-Toke Pipe:  Sneak a tokes with rubber mouthpiece. Comes in Diamond Cut Design, Assorted Colors.
Skeleton Pipe Skeleton Metal Pipes.
Anodized Metal Skeleton Pipes, ASSORTED COLORS.
$10.95 each

cheap pipes Cheap Metal Pipes.
Aluminum Metal Cheap Pipes Assorted Colors and comes in brass or chrome.
cheap pipe

Metal Wood Pipes.
Metal pipe with wood center. Wood Color and Pipe tones will vary.

metal hand pipes

Metal Hand Pipes.
4" Metal Weed Pipes with Plastic Sleeve Pictures. Designs Vary.

metal hand pipe

Metal Waterpipes.
4" Metal bubbler, 110 G weight, assorted colors.

Diamond Cut Pipe

Diamond Cut Metal Pipe.
Hand Pipes comes in Chrome or Brass, Assorted Colors with lid.

Metal Hand Pipe Metal Hand Pipes.
Metal Hand Pot Pipes, Assorted Colors with bowl cap.
Pot Pipes Acrylic Marble.
Acrylic standing Pipe with mix marble/black & white colors, about 3.5" long.
hand pipe Metal Hand Pipes.
Approximately 3" metal pipe with plastic covered picture designs. Designs will vary.
standing metal pipe Standing Metal Pipes.
Stand Up Metal Weed Pipes. Available in silver or gold, comes with bowl cap.
weed pipes

Ball Metal Pipe.
Metal Hand Pipe, Assorted Colors with Bowls Cap.
$10.00 each

Out of Stock


Pot Pipe

Small Chamber Pipes.
Anodized Colored Metal Chamber Pipe Colored Center Piece is Plastic, Assorted Colors. 

hand pipes

Small Chamber Pipe.
Metal Chamber Pot Pipe with metal bowl cap. Colored Piece is Plastic, Assorted Colors. 

Weed Pipe

Chamber Tokes.
Metal Chamber Pipes with Plastic Center and Bowl Cap. Assorted Colors.
chamber pipes Small Chamber Pipes.
Available in silver or gold metal pipes, Comes with bowl cap.
chamber pipe Small Chamber Pipes.
Metal Pipe on 45 degree mount. Single chamber. Includes cap. Available in silver or gold with bowl cap.

chamber hand pipes

Small Chamber Pipes.
Small Anodized Metal Chamber Pipe with bowl cap. Assorted colors. Elbow Pieces Vary Shape.

weed pipe

Chamber Pipes.
Anodized Metal Chamber Pipes, with bowls cap. Assorted colors.
metal chamber pipe Chamber Hand Pipes.
Anodized Metal Chamber Pipe with bowl cap, Assorted Colors.
$11.95 each



Metal Weed Pipes

Chamber Hand Pipes.
Metal Chamber Pipe with bowl cap. 

metal chamber pipe

Chamber Hand Pipes.
Brass or Chrome Metal Chamber Pot Pipe with bowls cap.
$9.95 each
weed pipe Large Chamber Pipe.
Large Weed Pipe. Available in gold or silver with bowls cap.
$12.95 each


metal chamber pipe Mini Metal Bubbler Pipe.
4" Metal Mini Water Bubbler Pipe.
$12.95 each


Standing Chamber Pipe Standing Chamber Pipe.
Large Hand Pipe Anodized Chamber pipe
with polymer clay and bowls cap. Available in various colors.
$14.95 each

metal waterpipes Long Metal Pipe.
12" Long metal Pipe, Assorted Colors. No Box.
click a toke pipe

Click-A-Toke Pipe.
Click-a-Toke Lighter Pipe. Self-lighting pipe, Assorted Colors.


7pipe pro 7Pipe Pro.
Glass Lighter Pipe with Zinc alloy body, deep glass bowl, built in lighter and magnetic cover. See photo below.
$45.95 each