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Rolling Papers

Randy's Wired Rolling Papers Afghan Hemp Rolling Papers King Size.
$1 per pack.

Randy's Wired Rolling Papers Randy's Wired Rolling Papers.
Original Wired Randy's Rolling Papers - 1 pack approx. 24 leaves with wire so you don't burn your fingers while smoking.
$2.99 per pack.

job rolling papers Job Light Rolling Papers 1.25.
1.25 Job Light Pack, 32 Leaves.
$2.25 per pack.

Zigzag King rolling papers ZigZag King Rolling Papers.
This 100mm length paper provides a long lasting smooth smoking experience.
$2.25 per pack.

zig zag rolling papers Zig Zag Rolling Papers.
1 1/4" Zig-Zag Rolling Papers, 32 Leaves.

$2.25 per pack.
Kush Rolling Papers

Kush Hemp Rolling Papers.
Kush Hemp Rolling papers are the finest hemp paper in the market. These rolling papers are medical grade engineered for the medical smoking industry. *Chlorine Free *GMO Free *100% Hemp *50 leaves per pack *25 packs per box *Natural Arabic Gum *1 1/4

$1.99 per pack. 

Kush Rolling Papers Kush Rice Papers.
Kush Ultra Thin Rice Rolling papers are the finest rice paper in the market. These papers are medical grade engineered for the medical smoking industry. *Chlorine Free *GMO Free *Ultra thin rice paper *50 leaves per pack *Natural Arabic Gum *1 1/4 size

$1.99 per pack.
RAW ROLLING PAPERS Raw Unbleached Papers.
Raw Natural Unbleached Rolling Papers. Size 1.25".
32 Leaves per pack.

$2.50 each
Raw 1.5 Rolling Papers Raw 1.5 Rolling Papers.
RAW SIZE 1.5 Rolling Papers, 32 LEAVES PER PACK
$2.50 each

OCB Rolling Papers

JJ JuicyJays Papers.
Flavored Hemp Papers. Not to be used with tobacco. ONLY for use with legal smoking herbs. Assorted flavors in stock. 25leaves per booklet.

$2.95 per pack. 
smokin clean clear rolling papers Smokin Clean Clear Rolling Papers.
Transparent cellulose cigarette clear rolling papers. 40-50 papers per booklet, Gum Free Papers.

$2.50 per pack.
FLAVA ROLLING PAPERS Toke Flavored Rolling Papers
Size 1 1/4 - 24 Leaves per pack Variety of flavors including: Vanilla, Grape, Mango, Chocolate, Watermelon, Apple, Banana and Peach.
$2.75 per pack.

blunt wraps

Blunt Wraps.
Assorted flavors *Blueberry Burst *Juicy Watermelon *Mello Mango *Peach Passion *Berries *Cosmopolitan *Pina Colada *Strawberry Kiwi *Apple Martini *Gin and Juice *Wild Honey *Mint Chocolate Blunt Wraps Papers

$1.50 per pack. (2 in pack)

cigarette rolling machine

Rolling Machine.
Cigarette Rolling Machine for Single Width Up To 1 1/4 Size Papers.
$4.95 each
cigarette rolling machine Automatic Joint Roller.
Automatic Cigarette Roller & Storage Box, assorted designs.