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Digital Herbal Vaporizers

 vaporizer hose Digital Vaporizer Hose Whip.
Replacement Vaporizer Hose and Mouthpiece.
$12.95 each


VapBuddy Pipe.
VapBuddy Vaporizer Pipe, it uses a ceramic stone in its screw off top to transfer heat to your blend while using your everyday lighter. Made of a polished aluminum which gives it an ultra cool look and feel. Mix colors.
$21.95 each

vaporizer Skinny Pen Vaporizer.
Magic Stick Wax Burner Vaporizer Pen Starter Kit.
$23.95 each
DH-1 Vape Pen Kit DH-1 Vaporzier.
3 in 1 Vaping Kit for Liquid, Wax, or Dry Herb. Comes in Sleek nano package.
$24.95 each
Slim Pen Vape

Slim Pen Vape.
Super Slim ELuv Vapor Pen in nice gift box. About 6 colors for choice.
$20.95 each


Eluv Vaporizer

Eluv Slim Vape.
Super slim eluv mini ce4 e-cig kit, size: 139mm x 11mm (just a little bigger than a real cigarette!), battery: 310mah, working voltage: 3.7v. THIS IS A NEW PRODUCT JUST OFF THE PRODUCTION LINE AND WILL DEFINITELY IMPRESS EVERYONE! Blister see-through box packing.
$24.95 each

KangerTech Vape KangerTech Vape.
This KangerTech E-Smart Blister Pack is a new edition from KangerTech and it is perfect for new or experienced vaper users! To fill, simply unscrew the mouthpiece, and fill with your favorite e-liquid.
$24.95 each 
Innokin Lily Elegant Innokin Lily Elegant.
A superior 350mah e-cigarette specially design and created exclusively for women. This beautiful vaping system utilizes the most advanced vaping technology ever developed to give you an experience as blissful as it is gorgeous.
$59.95 each
Yocan EXgo W4

Yocan EX Go W4.
Yocan EXgo W4 Vaporizer Starter Kit with Nero Technology Wax Vaporizer Starter Kit. State of the art Nero Technology. No unhealthy wicks or coils.
$79.95 each


Evod Blister Vaporizer Evod Blister Kit.
Evod Vaporizer Pen Kit. This 650 mAh Evod battery is ego thread, compatible with most atomizers. The rebuild-able Evod atomizer is known by its metal shell with a see through window. Package includes a USB charger.
$24.95 each
Atmos Bullet Max Vape

Atmos Bullet Max.
The advanced Bullet Max cartridge provides great performance and discreteness. Its wickless ceramic heating chamber is made perfectly for dry herbs and waxy oils, dispensing rich flavors when vaping.
$35.95 each

atmos rx vape pen Atmos RX Vape Kit.
Designed with excellence and optimum durability, your starter kit comes complete and is ready to use within seconds, straight out of the box.
Atmos Astra Atmos Astra Vape.
The Astra's embedded ceramic heating chamber vaporizes dry herbs providing users with pure flavorful taste, while its removable stainless steel cups allow users to vaporize waxy and liquids, making it one of the most versatile vaporizers available.
Atmos LIV Atmos LIV Vape Kit.
The LIV uses an advanced ceramic heating chamber to heat up dry herbs and vaporize waxy oils, providing pure and rich flavor. And its high capacity battery doubles as a Power Bank, allowing users to charge their smaller electronic devices through a convenient USB port.
Atmos Boss Vape Kit Atmos Boss Vape.
Designed by Atmos, the Boss Kit is a light-weight, durable, and highly portable true vaporizer designed to evenly vaporize your dry herbs.
  atmos orbit vape Atmos Orbit Vape.
The Orbit Kit is an advanced portable vaporizer that produces true vapor! This item uses a high grade ceramic chamber with an embedded heating element to vaporize dry herbs, providing a pure flavorful taste.
Click a Toke Vaporizer Click a Toke Vape.
All In One Vaporizer with lighter, assorted colors.
$24.95 each

Innokin Vaporizer

Innokin Taste Vape.
The iTaste VV V3.0 is a microprocessor controlled variable-voltage/variable-wattage (VV/VW) personal vaporizer that lets you adjust the voltage or wattage in seconds with just a few button presses. It's quick and easy!
$69.95 each


G Pen Vaporizer

G Pen Vaporizer
The G-Pen kit by Snoop Dogg features the highly-anticipated tank system specifically designed for use with dried herbs.
$48.95 each


mini g pen vaporizer

Mini G-Pen Vape.
An entirely new breed of micro G*pen, each box set comes equipped with all components needed for an immediate startup, including 3 threaded herbal tanks and a coco carbon filter for purified draws.
$59.95 each

VaporX XL vaporizer

VaporX XL Vape Pen.
Electronic Personal Vaporizer. Colors will vary now with 2 blank tanks.
$39.95 each


titan II vaporizer

Titan II Dry Vape.
2200mAh Hybrid Starter Kit. Auto power off, LCD Screen, Temp 200'F-428'F, Low Power Alarm, Micro-SUB Charging, C'-F' Switch.

$79.95 each


  Aspire Starter Kit Aspire Starter Kit
Aspire G-Power 900mah battery and a K1 glassomizer which uses the Aspire BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) atomizer technology.
CF G-Power: The Aspire CF G-Power is high-end vaping power system.
skyda 8

Skyda 8 Pen Vaporizers.
Portable Pen Vaporizer, perfect for both concentrates, oil, and dry tobacco. Comes with cleaning brushes, wall outlet/usb charger.

easy vape 5

Easy Digital Vaporizer 5.