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Glass Waterpipe Bowl Stems & Slides

waterpipe clip GonG WATERPIPE CLIP.
Clip For Glass on Glass Water Pipe to keep attachments secure. COMES IN 14MM & 19MM
$1.95 each

Bowl Slide

Waterpipe Slide.
Thick Glass Color slide, about 3" long, Made in USA. THE RUBBER RING INCLUDED.
$8.95 each

Bowl Slide Concentrate Bowl.
FEMALE BOWL FOR CONCENTRATES, COLORS WILL VARY. 2 Sizes available 14mm or 19mm Joints.
$12.95 each
waterpipe stem Glass Waterpipe Stems.
Size: 3" Inch Replacement Waterpipe Stem Slide Bowl.
$5.75 each

waterpipe stemset

Glass Waterpipe StemSet.
This is a normal glass stem set that will fit into any normal-sized glass water pipe. This waterpipe stem set kit comes with 1 male slide bowl with hangle, and 1 female slide part, as well as the rubber o-ring. The size is 3inch or 4inch Length Size & 1/2 inch Diameter.
.95 per set

waterpipe bowl Glass Bowl.
Glass bowl with premade built-in glass screen, 18mm joint size, big easy to grab handle, nice color dot.
$13.95 each
waterpipe stem 14mm Glass on Glass Bowl.
Heavy Duty Colorful 14MM Joint Glass On Glass Bowls.
$10.95 each
waterpipe stem 19mm Glass on Glass Bowl.
Heavy Duty 19MM Glass On Glass Bowls, Assorted Colors.
$10.95 each
liquid waterpipe bowl

Waterpipe Bowl.
Size: 3-4" Style: Stem Pyrex (Heavy Duty)
$10.95 each

glass waterpipes stems

Glass Waterpipe Bowls.
Size: 3" - 4" Inch Replacement Glass Waterpipe Slide Bowl.
$9.95 each

glass bowl stem

Water Pipe Bowl.
Size: 3-4" Style: Heavy Duty Pyrex Glass Stem Waterpipe Bowl.
12.95 each

18mm Oil Burner Waterpipe Slide

18mm Oil Burner Slide.
18mm Joint Glass on Glass Oil Burner.
$14.95 each

oil burner glass slide

Oil Burner GonG Bowl.
Curved Skull Glass Bowl Oil Burner with 14mm Male Joint Glass on Glass.
$12.95 each

Bowl Stem with Spring

Waterpipe Spring Stems.
Self Cleaning Bowl Stem with Spring, Assorted Colors.
16.95 each

glass percolator ashcatcher Roor Ash Catcher.
Glass water pipe fitting ash catcher,"RooR" imprinted on all 3-in-1 parts as ash catcher set, down slide and bowl,14mm joint, about 9" long, bottom dia. 2", clear colors. with Roor print on each piece.
$29.95 each

ash catcher

Ash Catcher.
Glass on Glass Ash catcher 14mm replacements in clear glass. Catch ashes before they go into your Waterpipe.
$12.95 each

glass on glass downstem bowl

GonG Stem / Bowl 2in1
Glass water pipe stem & bowl, 2-in-1 design, about 5.5" long. Joint diameter of 14mm
$10.95 each

glass on glass downstem

Glass On Glass Diffused Down-stem.
Replacement Diffused Glass on Glass Waterpipe Slides. Comes in two joint sizes: 19mm and14mm with 3.5", 4", 5.5", or 7" total length.
$10.95 each

glass on glass waterpipes stem

Glass On Glass Slide.
14mm. Replacement Water Pipe Glass on Glass Slides, Sizes 4" 5" and 6" inches. Sizes are for part that sticks inside Waterpipe, not total length.
$10.95 each


glass on glass waterpipes stem Glass On Glass Adapter.
Clear glass male to male converter adapter.
$16.95 each

glass on glass downstem Glass Oil Burning Adapter Set.
Glass oil burning adapter set, which is used for making regular G-on-G pipe into oil burner. mixed nice reversal color, 3 parts in total.
$24.95 each