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Wood Pipes

wooden pipes

Wood Pipe.
2" Mini Swivel Wooden Pipe.


monkey pipe

Wood Swivel Pipe.
Small Wood pipe with rotating top to hide metal bowl. Assorted colors/wood.
$12.95 each


wooden pipes

Round Wood Pipe.
Multi-Colored Wood Pipes with plastic mouth piece.

wood pipes


Flat Wood Pipe.
Large Wood Pipe. Available in various solid colors.

Twist Top Wood Pipe


Wood Pipe Mix:
These unique wooden pipes are perfect for every day use with a screen inside the bowl.

wooden pipe with swivel top


Wooden Pipe.
4.5" Wood Pipe with swivel bowl cap.


wood water pipe

Wood WaterPipe.
4.5" wooden water bottle pipe.

9" wood pipe

Long Wood Pipe.
9" Long Figurine wooden Tobacco Pipe made of polyester and wood, come with individual box.

raw wood pipe

Wooden Pipe:
This 5.5" RAW pipe is hand made in the Pearl River Valley using un-coated, natural eco-wood. The plastic mouth piece is fully removable for easy cleaning and comes pre loaded with a Corleone smoking filter to keep it natural. Includes canvas carrying pouch.

wooden tobacco pipe


Wooden Pipe:
Assorted Classic Wooden Tobacco Wooden Pipe comes with pouch.