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One Hitter Pipes & Dugout Pipes

cigarette pipe

One Hitter Cigarette Pipe.
Large Stealth One Hitter Cigarette Pipe About 3 inches Long. Small cigarette one hitter pipe is about 2 inches.

glass one hitter pipe

Glass One Hitter Pipes.
About 3.25" Lenght, Item Comes Clear Glass, Its colored to show you shape. One Hitters, Perfect for fitting inside a dugout.

  ceramic cigarette one hitter Ceramic Cigarette One Hitters.
Small 2" & Large 3" Sizes. High Quality Ceramic Cigarette One Hitters Provide a
Cleaner Smoking One Hitter Cigarette Pipe. Fits inside Dugout Pipes.
$5.95 each

metal one hitter pipes

Metal One Hitter Pipes.
Multicolor Anodized Large Hitter Bat Pipe.
$5 eac

one hitters with spring One Hitter Pipe with Spring.
Anodized Metal One Hitter Pipe with spring.
Use push button end to empty the ashes out. About 3.25inches. 
$5.95 each

Spring One Hitter Pipes
One Hitter Pipes

Anodized Metal Pipe w/Spring.
4" Anodized Metal Pipe with spring feature to push ashes out. Can also be used in Waterpipe down slide as a bowl. Come in assorted colors.

Large Acrylic dugout pipe

Small Wood Dugout.
3 inch polished dugout. very high quality with different wood patterns. Bat included.
$7.95 each

large wood dugout pipe Large Dugout Pipe.
Twist Top Large Wooden Dugout Pipe comes with a one hitter pipe. Dugout pipe is about 4inch x 1.8inch in size.
$15.00 each

Fancy Dugout One Hitter Large Dugout Pipe.
4 inch Polished Colorful Dugout. Very high quality. Random Designs.
$7.00 each