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Stealth Smoking Pipes

keychain pipe

One Hitter Key chain Pipes.  Small 3 Piece One Hitter Key chain Pipe. Assorted Colors.
$1.99 each


cigarette pipe

Cigarette One Hitter Pipe.
Large 3 Inch One Hitter Cigarette Pipe or Small 2.25 Inch One Hitter Cigarette Pipe for use on its own or use in a One Hitter Dugout Pipe. 
3.95 each

car lighter pipe

Car Lighter Pipe.
Stealth Cigeratte Car Lighter Pipe. Looks Like a Car Lighter, Metal Bowl & Hard Plastic Mouth Piece.
$4.95 each


Credit Card Pipe

Credit Card Pipe.
Approx 3.5" x 2", super thick Credit Card Pipe, 3 parts.
3.95 each

Mini Mushroom Pipe

Mini Mushroom Pipe.
2" Mini Mushroom pipe, one hitter, made of good quality polished aluminum. You may put a string on to make it into a necklace!
6.95 each

mushroom pipe

Mushroom Pipe.
Large Stealth Mushroom Pipe. Top Unscrews to Form a Bowl.
Assorted Colors.
3.95 each


metal screw pipe

Stealth Metal Screw Pipe.
Disguised as a Nut n Bolt. Can be disassembled from screw to pipe. 3 Piece.
$8.95 each

lipstick pipe Stealth Lipstick Pipe.
Hidden Lip Stick Pipe. 3 Pieces, Metal Bowl, Assorted Colors for inside.
$6.95 each

magnetic pipe Magnetic Pipe.
Metal pipe with magnets to support two pieces that fit one another. BLACK Color.
$6.95 each

hi lighter pipe HI-LITER Pipe.
Stealth HI-LITER Pipe with Hidden Metal Pipe Inside. Green or Red Color.
$10.95 each

flashlight pipe

Flashlight Pipe.
Metal Stealth Flashlight Pipe, Assorted Colors.

tank pipe
tank pipe

Stealth Pen Pipe.
Aluminum Tobacco Pen Pipe, designed in the stealth style, looks like a normal pen. Available in Silver, Black, Blue, and Red Colors.

bullet pipe

Spark Plug.
3" Bullet Metal pipe, 4 parts, approx 15g.

monkey pipe

Monkey Pipe.
Small 1.75" 2-Part Foldable Pipe with rotating top to hide metal bowl. Assorted colors.
$5.95 each


six shooter pipe Six Shooter Pipe.
3" Six Shooter Pipe, assorted colors with hidden stash compartment.
$9.95 each