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Stealth Smoking Pipes

keychain pipe

One Hitter Key chain Pipes.  Small 3 Piece One Hitter Key chain Pipe. Assorted Colors.
$1.99 each


cigarette pipe

Cigarette One Hitter Pipe.
Large 3 Inch One Hitter Cigarette Pipe or Small 2.25 Inch One Hitter Cigarette Pipe for use on its own or use in a One Hitter Dugout Pipe. 
3.95 each

car lighter pipe

Car Lighter Pipe.
Stealth Cigeratte Car Lighter Pipe. Looks Like a Car Lighter, Metal Bowl & Hard Plastic Mouth Piece.
$4.95 each


Credit Card Pipe

Credit Card Pipe.
Approx 3.5" x 2", super thick Credit Card Pipe, 3 parts.
3.95 each

Mini Mushroom Pipe

Mini Mushroom Pipe.
2" Mini Mushroom pipe, one hitter, made of good quality polished aluminum. You may put a string on to make it into a necklace!
6.95 each

mushroom pipe

Mushroom Pipe.
Large Stealth Mushroom Pipe. Top Unscrews to Form a Bowl.
Assorted Colors.
3.95 each


metal screw pipe

Stealth Metal Screw Pipe.
Disguised as a Nut n Bolt. Can be disassembled from screw to pipe. 3 Piece.
$8.95 each

lipstick pipe Stealth Lipstick Pipe.
Hidden Lip Stick Pipe. 3 Pieces, Metal Bowl, Assorted Colors for inside.
$6.95 each

magnetic pipe Magnetic Pipe.
Metal pipe with magnets to support two pieces that fit one another. BLACK Color.
$6.95 each

hi lighter pipe HI-LITER Pipe.
Stealth HI-LITER Pipe with Hidden Metal Pipe Inside. Green or Red Color.
$10.95 each

flashlight pipe

Flashlight Pipe.
Metal Stealth Flashlight Pipe, Assorted Colors.

wine bottle pipe Mini Wine Bottle Pipe.
3" Metal Mini Red wine bottle pipe.
tank pipe
tank pipe

Stealth Pen Pipe.
Aluminum Tobacco Pen Pipe, designed in the stealth style, looks like a normal pen. Available in Silver, Black, Blue, and Red Colors.

bullet pipe

Spark Plug.
3" Bullet Metal pipe, 4 parts, approx 15g.

bullet pipe Bullet Keychain Pipe.
3" Bullet Metal pipe, 4 parts, approx 15g.

monkey pipe

Monkey Pipe.
Small 1.75" 2-Part Foldable Pipe with rotating top to hide metal bowl. Assorted colors.
$5.95 each


six shooter pipe Six Shooter Pipe.
3" Six Shooter Pipe, assorted colors with hidden stash compartment.
$9.95 each